The Parexel Podcast

RBQM Podcast Series | Episode 1: Getting it Right Upfront - Managing Study Risk from End-to-End

February 25, 2022

Risk-based quality management (RBQM) is fast becoming a critical success factor for clinical development programs. Global regulatory agencies are putting more focus on RBQM components to ensure patient safety, data quality and the validity of study results. However, companies don’t always approach risk management in a holistic, collaborative approach increasing their chances of missing risk signals.


In this Parexel podcast episode, the first of our RBQM five-part series, RBQM experts Amy Adams, Senior Director of Clinical Operations Liz Gough, Associate Director Business Process Excellence, and Kirsty Botes, Associate Director Clinical Operations, discuss strategies and best practices for getting RBQM right from the start to successfully manage study risk from end-to-end.

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