The Parexel Podcast

Decentrally Speaking, a Parexel Podcast | Episode 1: Optimizing Trial Inclusivity For Patients From Under-Represented Communities

March 21, 2022

Our Decentrally Speaking series engages with subject matter experts and thought leaders on expanding clinical access for patients through the use of decentralized trials (DCTs). Join us as we also explore opportunities to operationalize DCTs across our industry.  

In this first series episode, we will be discussing operational experiences and best practices in optimizing inclusivity for patients from Under-Represented Communities (UCs). We’ll share ideas for trial recruiting, protocol review, patient and community outreach, and on-site implementation for inclusive practices from experts:

  • Rosamund Round, Vice President, Patient Innovation Center, Parexel, one of the world's leading global clinical research organizations (CRO).
  • Carlos Orantes, CEO, Alcanza Clinical Research, whose purpose and mission is to defend wellness for all people through the science of clinical research with efforts that are inclusive, impactful, and outstanding.

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