The Parexel Podcast

Episode 3: Bridging the Gap – How Minimizing Patient Barriers Can Improve Clinical Research

August 19, 2019

In this episode Alberto Grignolo, Corporate Vice President, Parexel, Sy Pretorius, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Parexel, and Roz Round, Director of Parexel's Patient Innovation Center, team up to discuss how the clinical research industry can bridge the gap between the scientific needs of research and development and the needs of patients. Stemming from feedback based on a survey looking at perceptions of clinical trials, the episode explores current barriers to clinical trial participation patients face, how we can make research more patient-centric, and techniques to adopt to increase patient-centricity. Later, Roz interviews Shannon Scarlett, a Parexel employee and cancer survivor, about her experience as a trial participant.

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